The Challenge

Multigenerational family travel is changing. As the Silent and Boomer generations age out of the market, there is an ever-increasing number of Gen-X parents looking to share travel experiences with their families. Thomson Family Adventures (TFA) needed to stay ahead of this trend, while making sure not to alienate their older audiences.

The existing visual brand did not appeal to the changing demographic and no longer reflected the unique experience of a TFA trip. Our task—differentiate the brand to appeal to the next wave of multigenerational travelers, stand out among the competition, and position the company for continued growth.

Our Solution

The new visual language and messaging brought to life the exciting and immersive experience of a TFA trip, while highlighting company’s personalized service. We elevated the company’s brand aesthetic and message themes to appeal to the various target audiences.

TFA Business Cards

During the discovery process Two by Sixteen interviewed TFA customers to gain valuable insights into trip search habits. Findings included the fact that travelers within this market search primarily via location (not price or activity level). We synthesized these findings into a user pathway that funneled users to trip pages via a destination-focused search tool to trip itinerary pages.

The final site design offers users the same brand aesthetic as the printed materials while presenting relevant information to the in a concise and intuitive form. The design is infused with inspiring photography, messaging that captures the moment, and graphic elements that reflect the immersive experiences of TFA trips.

TFA Wireframes
Thomson Family Adventures website screens
TFA Mobile Screens
Thomson Family Adventures iPhone and iPad screens
Brand Communications

From business cards with multiple image options for the back to a reinvigorated catalog, our work captured the immersive and exciting experiences travelers share on TFA's trips. We focused on making photography the hero while supporting elements (typography, textures, and color) added a richness to the designs.

Thomson Family Adventures brochure over
Thomson Family Adventures brochure cover and interior spreads
Thomson Family Adventures brochure spreads
Thomson Family Adventures brochure spreads on blue and teal backgrounds

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