The Challenge

When it comes to educational travel, ACIS’ high quality services are the best in the business. They truly go above and beyond for teachers and their students. This comes with a higher price point, so Two by Sixteen was tasked with creating a brand that both reflected this quality yet did not feel out of reach or indulgent.

ACIS Catalog front and back cover

Our Solution

Catalog Design

The intro pages of the catalog offer ACIS a place to outline their value proposition – the highest quality tours offered to high school teachers and their students. Our designs highlight the wonder and excitement of an ACIS tour through bold typography, in-the-moment photography, and a vibrant color palette.

Illustrative Art Direction

A key element in differentiating ACIS’ brand from its competitors is the use of illustration. We worked with Gayle Kabaker to create cover and divider pages that highlight key sites, events, and experiences from across the globe.

Trip Template System

How do you create a template system for a trip itinerary page that allows for variation within the placement of photography, text, and maps? That was the challenge put to us by the ACIS team. By utilizing white space and creating a set of interchangeable elements, we did just that.

ACIS illustrator sketches and final illustrations
ACIS Catalog interior spreads on grey background
ACIS Loyalty Club insert
ACIS Catalog interior spreads

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