The Challenge

Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) raises funds to help teachers provide innovative educational programs and experiences within Arlington public schools. They have been raising funds for grants that fund system-wide initiatives since 2010 and needed a facelift to help reinvigorate interest in their work.

Arlington Education Foundation logos

Our Solution

A new identity

Two by Sixteen created an identity that reflects the active and engaged nature of AEF. The mark emphasizes the word “education” within a bold and stable form. Combined with a vibrant color palette, the identity system highlights AEF’s dedication to innovation within education.

Graphic treatments

We created a series of photographic collages to further highlight the academic areas AEF works to innovate. Multilayered, flooded with color, and combined with key messages, these graphics provide a modern and active visual language to the AEF brand.

A new website

AEF is a resource of teachers, parents, donors, and the community at large. The new website presents information to these different audiences in a clear and easily accessible manner. At the same time, bold graphics and vibrant colors from the identity create a modern and energetic aesthetic.

Arlington Education Foundation wireframes
Arlington Education Foundation Graphic Montages

Arlington Education Foundation website screens with the words educate, innovate, and empower

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