The Challenge

Windspect is a piece of software that uses drones to inspect, identify, and record wind farm turbine damage. With multiple users with different permissions, a large data set, and a complex series of screens; AirFusion asked us to create the user interface for this groundbreaking software.

Windspect wireframes

The Solution

UX Design

Working in tandem with the client, we brainstormed a series of user pathway solutions, interface functionality, mapping solutions, and reporting processes. This included all steps of the process from creating user accounts and building inspection plans, to video footage management and detailed inspection reporting.

User Interface Design

Used in both the office environment and out in the field, the usage called for a clean, simple, easy to use interface. Data is shown in clear table rows while functional elements such as turbines mapping and video editing utilize tool palette windows. This creates a tool set that is powerful and intuitive for all users - owners, managers, field technicians, etc.

Three Windspect wireframes close up on blue background
Windspect Project Summary screen on laptop
Windspect Project Turbine Damage Report screen on laptop
Windspect Turbine screen on laptop

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