The Challenge

In a market saturated with options, Valley Hill offers a unique blend of focused academies in the morning (sport-specific athletics, arts, and robotics) and traditional camp activities in the afternoon. Our challenge was to tell the story of this blend; combining modern athletics and traditional camp aesthetic.

Valley Hill Summer Camp logo sketches
Valley Hill Summer Camp logo sketches

The Solution

Bold and Sophisticated

After initial discovery, Two by Sixteen designed a logo that reflects the energy and excitement of Valley Hill. The sleek lines reflect the visual language of sports brands and differentiate the camp from more traditional summer camp offerings.

Exciting and Informative

The website design gives the camp a contemporary look that takes visual cues from the logo and stands apart from competitors. The content structure is easy to navigate and prominent calls to action are clear.

Valley Hill on white, yellow and blue backgrounds
Valley Hill Summer Camp t-shirts
Laptop and iPhone on desk with Valley Hill website
Valley Hill Summer Camp website on desktop, ipad, and iphone
Photos of basketball players, art camp, roasting marshmallows, and location of Valley Hill

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